Further Proof That NRA Fascist Gun Nuts Are Absolute Morons

Firearms Dealer Shoots Woman While Teaching Concealed Carry Safety at Pennsylvania Gun Show

A woman was hospitalized in Pennsylvania after she was shot at a gun show in Bloomsburg


Firearms dealer accidentally shoots woman while demonstrating concealed carry safetyGun show in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 

A local gun show in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania left one woman hospitalized after she was accidentally shot in the leg, local station WNEP is reporting.

On Saturday, Krysta Gearhart, was shot by Geoffrey Hawk, “In Case of Emergency” owner, while he was demonstrating the usage of a concealed and carry holster. According to WNEP, police said a plastic model of a gun is typically used during demonstrations.

“Often times that is what is utilized,” explained Sergeant Leonard Rogutski, of the Bloomsburg Police. “This time the vendor used a real gun.”

In this case Hawk demonstrated with a semi-automatic .380, and though no magazine was attached, there was one round in the chamber.

Eric Bower, a man attending the show, told WPNE that he heard the gun go off and the woman scream.

“Everybody paused for a second and their initial reaction was making sure there wasn’t more, and then they rushed to her aid,” Bower explained. Bower also said that vendors were pissed because the incident made them “look bad.”

There were signs outside of the gun show warning folks that loaded guns were not allowed.


3 thoughts on “Further Proof That NRA Fascist Gun Nuts Are Absolute Morons

  1. To have a gun and it be loaded is simply insanity; these crazy people are begging to get shot or killed. 😦

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