The Craven Irresponsibiity Of The Ignorant NRA Gun Nuts: Animals Who Don’t Understand Civilized Life

So we have another tragedy, another crowded morgue, and another group of inductees into the sorrowful assembly of grieving families. The shootings in Isla Vista, California, have forever changed the lives of the victims and their loved ones in ways only they can comprehend. However, there is nothing unique about the profusion of these horrendous events that are occurring with ever greater frequency. And the father of one of the victims was crystal clear about who is to blame for the devastating rampage. [Video below]

Richard Martinez, the father of 20-year-old UCSB shooting victim Christopher Martinez, gave a heartbreaking statement about his family’s loss, but he included a plea to all who were listening to “Stop this madness!” He plainly felt empathy for the victims of similar attacks in the past and those who are destined to become victims in the future. And he let it be known where the responsibility lies.

“Why did Chris die? Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA. They talk about gun rights. What about Chris’s right to live?”

To be sure, the NRA is craven and irresponsible. They are currently lobbying to block funds for research by the Centers for Disease Control to better understand the public health crisis of mass shootings. They oppose the sale of“smart” guns that prevent unauthorized persons from using stolen firearms. They fought for the availability of “cop-killer” bullets that have no sporting or self-defense purpose. They advocate radical positions that even their members repudiate. Their agenda is diametrically opposed to that of the American people according to a poll by (gasp) Fox News.

Fox News Poll

These facts demonstrate how out of touch the NRA-theists are with the public at large. Yet, in some sense, the NRA is not really the problem. They are just doing what their benefactors pay them to do. And make no mistake, their benefactors are not the nation’s gun owners. The bulk of the NRA’s support comes from the firearms industry. Gun manufacturers and retailers are bankrolling the NRA to be their lobbyists in Washington. So who can blame the NRA for shilling for their financiers?

On the other hand, politicians are supposed to be representing the voters. If there is craven and irresponsible behavior going on, it is on the part of the congressmen and senators who do the bidding of the NRA. That’s a choice they make to betray their constituents in favor of the gun lobby. No one is, as they say, putting a gun to their head. It is long past time for our so-called representatives in Congress to do their damn jobs. And the media needs to inform their audience as to the relationship between the NRA and the gun industry, as well as the relationship between politicians and the NRA.


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