Dear @NRA, Remind Me Again Why Gun Control Now Is Such A Bad Idea

 Police: 4 dead in southern Louisiana shootings; Lafourche 

Parish councilman 1 of 2 injured

The NRA Votes Against America
The NRA: Flooding American Streets With Guns


RACELAND, LA. –  Five people were shot in southern Louisiana on Thursday and three of them died, including a Raceland hospital administrator and the wife of a Lafourche Parish councilman, authorities said.

The suspect, Ben Freeman, was found dead in his vehicle, Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman Brennan Matherne said in a news release.

The first shooting was reported about 6:40 p.m. in Lockport. Lafourche Parish Councilman Louis Phillip Gouaux was injured and his wife, Susan “Pixie” Gouaux, was killed, the sheriff’s office said on its verified Twitter account. Gouaux was being treated at a local hospital; his condition was not available.

The second shooting happened in Raceland, where Ochsner St. Anne General Hospital administrator Milton Bourgeois was shot and killed, the sheriff’s office said.

A third person was found shot and killed in Terrebonne Parish, and the sheriff’s office identified her as Denise Taylor Freeman, wife of Ben Freeman.

Police did not give information on who the second injured person was or where that person was shot.

Matherne did not immediately respond to an email from The Associated Press seeking further information.

The shootings happened about 45 miles southwest of New Orleans.


2 thoughts on “Dear @NRA, Remind Me Again Why Gun Control Now Is Such A Bad Idea

  1. They are dropping like flies all over; gun injuries, murders and accidents. We have an overflow of guns. Other countries point at the USA and laugh at us that we cannot deal with the NRA and other gun organizations. It’s obvious that the NRA never goes to the dead bodies and listen to the families that have been destroyed by gun violence. Here is something else you will never see – lists of the names of people whose lives were saved by guns – only those that have died. This insanity needs to stop. Gun control now!

    *Require background checks for all gun and ammunition purchases;
    *Ban assault weapons and ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds;
    *Track the sale of large quantities of ammunition, and ban online sales;
    *Establish product safety oversight of guns and ammunition, and require child-safe gun technology;
    *Support policies at companies and public institutions that promote gun safety;
    *Counter the gun industry’s efforts to weaken gun laws at the state level.

    That would be a start.

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