Defeat NRA Fascism In The USA: Constitutional Gun Control Is Coming To America

Supreme Court Declines To Hear Maryland Gun Law Case


NRA Fascist Loser Scum Vote Against America

The Supreme Court won’t review a decision upholding Maryland’s law requiring handgun permit applicants to demonstrate a “good and substantial reason” for carrying a weapon outside their own home or business.

The high court on Tuesday refused to hear from Raymond Woollard and the Second Amendment Foundation, Inc., who say the law violates the Second Amendment.

Woollard obtained a permit after a 2002 home invasion but was denied renewal in 2009. The Maryland law does not recognize a vague threat or general fear as an adequate reason for obtaining a permit, and state officials said Woollard failed to demonstrate any ongoing danger seven years after the home invasion.

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the law, and the Supreme Court refused to review that decision.


4 thoughts on “Defeat NRA Fascism In The USA: Constitutional Gun Control Is Coming To America

    1. Public Safety overrides any Fascist NRA Roadblock. The NRA can’t be defeated. They need to be destroyed by taking them to court every time their irresponsible genocidal policies are responsible for a mass murder. They are the worst of the USA stacked with a layer of thousands of lawyers to block commonsense reform. If you block common-sense reform your ife needs to be as least as difficult as what your policies make Americans needlessly suffer.

      1. To many, the NRA is like GOD. They are very protective of their GOD. Thank heavens for people like you who continue the fight.

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