The NRA Is A Religion As Gun Nuts Kneel And Worship The Gun

The NRA Has Declared Itself a Religion, Gun-Worshippers Rejoice


"Church" "NRA" "Religion"

Since aspects of the National Rifle Association (NRA) are already recognized as a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization specifically through the NRA Foundation  new NRA President Jim Porter is taking the group one step further to guarantee protection from the government. The NRA will officially be considered a religion under the first amendment of the United States Constitution which allows full freedom for individuals to worship as they choose.

Since they already hold non-profit status as and educational group the switch to religious affiliation will be rather seamless. The group holds passionate followers that worship their weaponry as Christians do Jesus or Islam of Muhammed. Some even offer to lay down their lives for their right to bear arms.

Many gun-worshippers have been fighting for religious recognition for some time now, feeling excluded from society and tired of being called “gun-toting hicks” or “ammo-loving rednecks.” Cletus McBarb from Mississippi is “over the moon” excited at the new recognition saying, “It’s about time we get our place of worship. If I want to worship my Bushmaster that’s my right. If I want to bow down to it, respecting it above all else I should have the freedom to do so. Some people just don’t understand our religion. It’s not just about worship but our personal relationship with our savior firearms.”

New houses of worship which will be called “Church of the NRA” are set to be built throughout the nation, predominantly in the south. It’s a proud day for gun-worshippers and enthusiasts everywhere. This may be just the recognition the NRA needs to finally be taken seriously by all of America.


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