The NRA Is The Face of American Fascism

nraThe NRA is garbage. It’s members are fascist liars.They rape, destroy and distort the US Constitution.

They have to be defeated with a comprehensive National Gun Control Program that even Justice Scalia accepts as normal, rational and permissible under the Constitution.

The NRA is a Lobbying Organization whose main objective is to allow the free flow of arms traffic and sales to take place in the SA. They are shitting on the US Constitution and allowing countless Americans to needlessly die every day of every year.

Every member of Congress who votes to support the NRA, votes to support the cold-blooded murder of Americans for no reason and with no punishment. Kelly Ayote, I’m talking talking to you, pathetic piece of lying scum, They are as degenerate and as full of shit as the NRA. If the NRA and Congress loved the USA, they would try to improve instead of letting rednecked fascists run all over the land with assault weapons to kill children in American schools. They have such a lack of balls that they will not publish Newton murder scene photos publicly. If they did, there would be an American National Gun Act overnight.

Stop the NRA. Protect children. Not Guns. More Guns. More death. More Fascism.


9 thoughts on “The NRA Is The Face of American Fascism

  1. NRA Cocksuckers are the worst piece of shit America has to offer the world. They recklessly kill Americans with their fascist ideology. If you’re not against the NRA, you’re for it and they want to shoot you dead and shit down your throat.

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