The NRA : Proud Sponsors of Serial Mass Shootings in America : Shooting Rampage Leaves 5 Dead in California

Police officers and sheriff’s deputies searched Santa Monica College on Friday. A gunman was killed by the police on the campus.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Four people were killed and five wounded on Friday morning as a gunman, dressed in black and carrying an assault rifle, strode across Santa Monica firing at people, cars, a public bus and buildings before being shot and killed by the police at the Santa Monica College Library, the authorities said.

Joe Orcutt, who was in the bursar’s office at Santa Monica College on Friday, said he was nearly shot by a gunman.

Residents, who reported hearing gunshots and seeing a bus with its rear and side windows shattered by bullets, captured videos from the scene and posted updates to Twitter.

Lydia Viramontes, with her husband, Jose, and great-nephew Valente Casillas, was in a parking lot when she heard shots.

The Santa Monica police at first said six people had been killed by the gunman. On Friday evening, Sgt. Richard Lewis said the actual figure was four. One of the victims was said to be in critical condition.

The shooting took place about 10 minutes away from where President Obama was attending a private fund-raising lunch before heading to Palm Springs for a meeting with the president of China. He went by motorcade to the Los Angeles airport and flew to Palm Springs about 2 p.m.

The gunman, who was not identified, was described as 25 to 30 years old. His body was spotted lifeless about 200 yards from the library.

The carnage began Friday morning in eastern Santa Monica after the police responded to reports of shots being fired and a house engulfed in flames. The police said that two bodies had been found in the house, and that they were investigating whether those victims were related to the gunman.

From there, the gunman, wielding what the police said was probably an AR-15, hijacked a car driven by a young women and forced her to drive her across town toward the campus. Along the way, he emerged from the car at at least two intersections in this quiet beach town, firing indiscriminately at buildings, a public bus, cars and a police vehicle before ending his rampage in a confrontation with Santa Monica city and campus police officers.

At one point on Friday, the police said they had detained a potential suspect who they thought might have had a role in the shootings. Sergeant Lewis said the person was released and had no involvement in the shooting.

The authorities said the gunman, in addition to carrying the assault rifle, was armed with other weapons, including at least one handgun that was found at the scene.

Witnesses described a morning of terror, chaos and confusion.

Joe Orcutt, who works at the bursar’s office at Santa Monica College, said he went out to investigate after hearing what he first thought was a car backfiring. “He turns and points his gun at me, and at that point I jumped out of the way,” Mr. Orcutt said. “He shot, and I ducked out of the way.”

Witnesses described racing out the back door of the college library after the man walked in and opened fire.

“I didn’t want to take any chances,” said Cyrus Jabbari, 19, a freshman at the college.

Brett Holzhauer, 19, a student who was in the library, said blood was smeared on the walls and floors.

“There were hundreds of rounds of clips laying on the floor,” he said. “It looked like the guy just dropped his stuff right there.”

None of the people who were killed or wounded were immediately identified.

The rampage, starting at the burning house and ending at the library, took about 10 minutes, the authorities said.

Two people were found dead inside the burning house on Yorkshire Avenue. From there, the gunman, who the police said was wearing a bulletproof vest, shot two people sitting in a Ford Explorer; one of them died and the other was taken to Ronald Reagan U.C.L.A. Medical Center, where she was listed in critical condition. He continued to Santa Monica College, where he fatally shot a woman he encountered at the campus before heading toward the library.

Another woman was listed in serious condition at the Reagan hospital. Three other women had minor injuries and were in good condition at the U.C.L.A. Medical Center, Santa Monica.

Patrick T. Fallon contributed reporting.


The NRA Is The Face of American Fascism

nraThe NRA is garbage. It’s members are fascist liars.They rape, destroy and distort the US Constitution.

They have to be defeated with a comprehensive National Gun Control Program that even Justice Scalia accepts as normal, rational and permissible under the Constitution.

The NRA is a Lobbying Organization whose main objective is to allow the free flow of arms traffic and sales to take place in the SA. They are shitting on the US Constitution and allowing countless Americans to needlessly die every day of every year.

Every member of Congress who votes to support the NRA, votes to support the cold-blooded murder of Americans for no reason and with no punishment. Kelly Ayote, I’m talking talking to you, pathetic piece of lying scum, They are as degenerate and as full of shit as the NRA. If the NRA and Congress loved the USA, they would try to improve instead of letting rednecked fascists run all over the land with assault weapons to kill children in American schools. They have such a lack of balls that they will not publish Newton murder scene photos publicly. If they did, there would be an American National Gun Act overnight.

Stop the NRA. Protect children. Not Guns. More Guns. More death. More Fascism.

Cops Pick & Choose Which Gun Laws To Apply.

Small Town Cops Ignore Laws Already On Books In Protest Of Pending Gun Control

article image

By Dabney Bailey, Wed, June 05, 2013

Police are sworn to uphold the law, but some police officers are allowing their political beliefs to trump their job responsibilities. As many as 200 police officers across the country are actively ignoring existing gun control laws in order to protest pending gun control legislation.

Police Chief Mark Kessler of Gilberton Borough, Penn., and hundreds of fellow pro-gun police officers gathered at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association to talk about hot-button issues affecting modern police officers.

One of the biggest topics was how police officers were rebelling against federal and state gun control laws. Kessler boasted that he and city officials worked together on his so-called Second Amendment Protection Resolution, which “nullified every single gun-control law in the nation” for his small 800-person town.

Kessler argued, “I have a very unique view. If you want to own a firearm, carry a gun under your jacket or over your jacket, the Second Amendment is your concealed carry permit, period. … It has nothing to do with self-defense; it has to do with [freedom from] tyranny.”

Kessler was joined by Michael Peroutka, an attorney who encouraged his county to adopt a resolution that ignores the gun control Maryland Firearms Safety Act of 2013. He stated, “When a peace officer refuses to enforce an unconstitutional act the peace officer is not breaking the law, but upholding the law.”

On the one hand, it’s commendable that these police officers are standing up for their convictions. On the other hand, these police officers aren’t doing their job — plain and simple. It is the responsibility of police officers to uphold the law, regardless of whether or not they agree with it. Allowing law enforcement officers to arbitrarily pick and choose which laws to enforce seriously undermines the legal system.

Moreover, these resolutions would inevitably meet a grisly end if they were challenged in court. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder warned state legislators that he would come down hard if they passed similar resolutions, so nullifying gun control laws at the county or city level would certainly also fall under Holder’s threat.

Senator Kelly Ayote: Bought and Paid for by the NRA

New ad targets Ayotte for vote against background checks

For the fourth time, Mayors Against Illegal Guns is running an ad against the New Hampshire Republican VIDEO



New ad targets Ayotte for vote against background checks

A new TV ad from the pro-gun control group Mayors Against Illegals Guns targets Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., for her vote against background checks, and features a former police chief telling voters that Ayotte misled them on her support for the measure.

Ayotte, who voted against the Manchin-Toomey amendment to strengthen gun control background checks, has claimed that she actually voted to “improve” background checks by supporting a Republican measure instead, which would have in practice made it easier for people formerly designated as mentally ill to obtain guns.

“Senator Ayotte uses her vote for this law as an alibi to claim she is tough on crime,” Police Chief Scott Knight says in the new ad, the fourth released by Mayors Against Illegal Guns against Ayotte. “Don’t be fooled. She voted to kill comprehensive background checks, making us less safe. That’s a fact.”

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