If Guns were as Regulated as Cars. An Enlighting Infographic


This is the least we all should expect of responsible gun owners. Right?

Earlier today, I posted a brilliant Colbert video on my facebook page that addressed gun violence. A gun owner commented:

Most gun owners (including myself) that I know support the assault rifle ban. They don’t want to have to defend themselves with a pistol when the other guy has armor piercing rounds firing at over 20 rounds per second…  I think that’s just logical.

My reply:

Well, sure, that’s logical, and glad you support the assault rifle ban! Keeping up with the Jones’s guns isn’t going to work, tho, so I hope there’s a resolution on this one day soooooon.

And he agreed, saying, “we can’t just get into an arms race with the sociopaths of this world.” He said more, but you get the general idea. These types of discussions are going on all over the place…some more heated than others. And, the conversations will die down as time passes. Until the next unfortunate tragedy ignites more debate.

Some people believe violent assault weapons used in massive shootings are purchased illegally. Um, nope. Not the case.


Isn’t it time to go back to banning assault weapons?


Do you believe gun violence tragedies would decrease if guns were as regulated as cars? Do you have a better solution?

Please commit to joining a meaningful conversation about how we can prevent the future loss of innocent life by signing the petition to President Obama and Governer Romney to say, “We are better than this.”

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Lynn Hasselberger  lives in Chicagoland with her son, husband and two cats. She loves sunrises, running, yoga, chocolate, reading and writing, and has a voracious appetite for comedy. The founder of myEARTH360.com , Lynn is also a marketing consultant  and writes for her blog I Count for myEARTH . She’s a treehugger and social media addict who you’ll most likely find tweeting excessively and obsessively (@LynnHasselbrgr , @myEARTH360 and @IC4ME ) or posting on facebook . She hopes to make the world a better place, have more fun, re-develop her math skills and overcome her fear of public speaking. Like her writing? Subscribe to her posts.


8 thoughts on “If Guns were as Regulated as Cars. An Enlighting Infographic

  1. I wrote a similar post on April 30. And gun rights people just love to compare cars and guns. Fine, let’s regulate them the same way.

    1. It’s unconscionable that cars are more regulated than guns. A civilized nation can’t have more guns than citizens. Guns need to be regulated in America. The Constitution has been changed before, it will be changed again, and guns will be regulated and registered in America.

      1. If cars were as regulated as guns:
        – Most cars would be banned in major cities such as Chicago.
        – Car buyers would be required to be age 21 or older and pass a background check.
        – A person convicted of a felony, who pleads guilty to yelling at his/her teenage son/daughter for coming home at 3 AM, who has been treated for depression, or who has ever been addicted to drugs or alcohol would be forever banned from owning a car or even touching a car.
        – In many jurisdictions, the gas tank capacity would be arbitrarily restricted to the point that sometimes you just can’t get the job done that you bought the car for.
        – Hoplophobes would wet their pants every time they see a car.

    2. Guns in America need to be regulated eight ways to Sunday. Any type of regulation that will make access and use of guns more burdensome and decrease Gun Crime needs to be tested and applied. The amount of Gun Crime & Gun Violence in America is unconscionable and needs to end. If nothing is tried, nothing will be achieved.

      1. That’s true, and let’s not forget the important role of the states. It is often faster and easier to get something done at the state level. Barack will have his hands full dealing with budget crisis after budget crisis, and fake “scandal” after fake “scandal” (like Benghazi, etc.) Washington Republicans don’t actually want to work with him in any meaningful sense.

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