There are 3 kinds of NRA Lies : Lies, Damn Lies and Statistical Lies!

Editorial | Gun insanity


The shootings Monday at a suburban Cleveland high school that have now claimed three students’ lives will evoke widespread grief and horror, as they should. They will produce a search for motives and explanations, and there are already hypotheses regarding the teen-age shooter involving bullying, isolation and undetected personal problems. There will be discussion of the role of parenting and social media in such tragedies.

What one can be absolutely certain of in today’s America, however, is that no serious political or public pressure will be brought to bear on the national madness that makes such slaughters not only possible but inevitable: an addiction to guns that is so sweeping that it all but prevents limiting access to firearms even by the millions of disturbed American adults and adolescents.

The numbers that tell the story of a country awash in guns are so staggering that it is incomprehensible that they are blithely ignored.

In a typical year in the United States, about 100,000 people are shot with a gun – more than 30,000 fatally. Since 1968, when a brief period of pressure for gun control took hold after Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated, more than a million people have been shot and killed in this country, according to the Children’s Defense Fund.

In a world that often emulates the United States, the American obsession with guns, and its Second Amendment that has been twisted to justify nearly unfettered private ownership of even the most powerful military and police firearms, is rejected by every advanced nation – and with good reason. In the January 2011 edition of the Journal of Trauma, researchers compared gun death rates in 23 advanced nations and found that the American numbers were by far the worst.

The report noted: “Among these 23 countries, 80 percent of all firearm deaths occurred in the United States, 86 percent of women killed by firearms were U.S. women, and 87 percent of children [up to the age of] 14 killed by firearms were U.S. children.”

It is a calamity with no upside.

The National Rifle Association (which manipulates public opinion in order to serve gun manufacturers), its political toadies, the paranoid survivalists and the merely fearful claim that gun ownership protects families and homes. But each year, the FBI reports at most about 200 legally justified self-defense homicides by private citizens nationwide, fewer than 1 percent of the 30,000 gun deaths. There is babble about guns as a defense against political tyranny, but no issue since the Civil War (hardly a model of conflict resolution) has been influenced by officials’ fear of violence by an armed populace.

No matter. There is no political will even to ban assault rifles and rapid-fire guns. Proposals to register guns, just like cars, don’t even get a hearing. States’ rights advocates perversely insist that local and state gun-control laws be superseded by higher authority.

And so, on and on it goes. Two things are certain. There will be another gun massacre at a school. And when it happens, nothing will have changed.


9 thoughts on “There are 3 kinds of NRA Lies : Lies, Damn Lies and Statistical Lies!

  1. !!!*Happy May Day*!!! …
    I can only pray and hope that our world is as peaceful as our Peace-Maker- President-Of-U.S. … Sometimes last year i posted comments on my Facebook that many were angry about … My suggestion was exactly about the “Tracking Guns” … And … A total ban of assault weapons and magazines … The universal registration that congress had just voted against last month … Since … We have automobile registration … credit report … m.i.b. report … and all kinds of ways that people gave away little privacy for a consideration for something else … I did called for *extra* cost as well in form of taxation by the federal government … To protect and help victims of gun violence …
    The truth about Guns has to everything to do with …Hate … Lies … Greed … but … above all … *It is the hypocrisy of gun advocates that is more vicious …
    Being portrayed as Majority-Pro-Life and Pro-Family-Advocates* … Graciously hiding behind the Second Amendment as an excuse … When they are mindfully dumb to understand a simple logic of … “A Well Regulated Militia” … in the constitution …
    I am truly sorry for their Lies … Greed … And … Hate …

    1. Very Happy May Day !!! Bring on the summer !!!

      Every gun sale in the USA should be tracked & registered. Assault weapons and magazines should be banned. Gun Permits should be issued on a case by case basis based on need. If people complain about extra cost and inconvenience, all the better. Why should it be free and convenient to flood the USA with needless deadly weapons? It’s all about Hate … Lies … Greed … and Hypocrisy. As long s there’s not Universal Gun Control and Registration in the USA, we still have work to do. They’re spineless hiding behind their distortions of the Second Amendment, their lies and their bought politicians.

      1. Thank you for your tired less voice … And ..Yes … We have work to do now as a team … Because … Together we can make individual sacrifice and use our gift to make a difference in other people’s lives for the betterment of humanity and kindness … “Peace is better than war” … “Life is proudly embraceable than death” … And “Love is the solution to most of our worldly problems” … I will be humbly delighted to make sure that i play my part for the progress of others … No matter what difficulty and what challenges might be an obstacle or an obstruction to the way of goodness … *Gun=Death Only* … And Living is more desirable in life …

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