The NRA Uses Uppity Obama Card to Sell More Guns


Boy, what’s it with the NRA and their disdain for the very real threat of assassination that black leaders face? First they put Gun Appreciation Day on MLK weekend, because there’s no time like the public mourning of an important leader felled by a racist gunman to celebrate guns. Now they’re trying to drum up resentment about the first black family  in the White House having the same security detail that all presidential families get.

Needless to say, the ass-cover to deny the obvious racism and general eliminationist bent of the NRA’s base is an argument so profoundly stupid that even the dumbest ass gun nuts won’t buy it. No one buys the notion that the President has security detail because he’s an “elitist” who is hoarding all the awesome guns for himself. Everyone knows that it’s a direct and necessary reaction to a society where political assassination is sadly common , in no small part because it’s ridiculously easy for any asshole with a vendetta to get a gun. Josh Marshall had the appropriate response :


There are so many vile things about this ad. But one thing to note is the ad is really only designed to appeal to people who have a deep — really deep — animosity toward the President. The sort of people who don’t think he and his daughters should be in the White House and wish him the sort of ill citizens should never wish upon a freely elected head of state.

Exactly. This ad isn’t making the case for guns—if anything, drawing attention to the ever-present danger that the President lives under of being shot is an argument for more gun control—but it’s just feeding off the not even subtly racist obsession right wingers have with telling each other that it’s obscene that the President and his family get to live the same lifestyle as all the white Presidents and their families. (Example! ) You know, even though it’s more humble than that of their preferred candidate who lost and had to return home to his dressage horse.

This is what the NRA’s sole purpose is: To drum up racist resentments and gender anxieties so that their industry funders can sell more guns to their customers. This ad, which I’m not linking, might as well just come out and say it: “Mad that the President thinks he’s all that because he’s the President? Well, why not buy a gun? It won’t make you President, but it will give you the illusion of having more power.”

The NRA is an ad company pushing a marketing ploy that’s more transparent than Axe Body Spray’s. It’s time to start treating them like it. The NRA is a lobby that gets paid to produce results for Gun Manufacturers in the USA.

The NRA shits on the American Constitution. The NRA Lies. The NRA is a bunch of Fascist Rednecks who buy Congressmen by the dozen. The NRA hates black people and supported Gun Control when it applied to Black Americans.

The NRA, like many other far right, fascist groups can not tolerate that the President of The United States is an African-American. The demographics in the USA are changing. George W Bush will be the last GOP President in the USA.

Wayne Lapierre is a liar and a psychopath. Ted Nugent is a fucktard that has been lobotomized.

The USA deserves Gun Control Now, the repeal of the Second Amendment, a comprehensive Federal Gun Control Law and the enforcement of every single Gun Control Law on the books today. The NRA’s day has come and gone. Americans are taking action, town by town, city by city, state by state.


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