Ted Nugent, The NRA & The GOP: An American Embarrassment

In Ted Nugent’s Words: It’s Him Against Obama at the State of the Union



The way Ted Nugent sees it, it will be him versus President Obama at the State of the Union speech on Tuesday.

Nugent, the pro-gun, anti-Obama rock musician, who’s been invited as the guest of Republican Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas, will talk to the media before and after the address, but has already taken to Twitter to offer a preview of sorts.

Nugent has called Obama an “evil, dangerous man who hates America,” according to one report

He also invited Obama to “suck” on one of his rifles at a concert. 

Stockman, who served one term in the 104th Congress, and returned to Congress this year, called Nugent a patriot and said in a statement that Nugent will have a lot to say.

Stockman’s staff will also live-tweet the president’s speech using the hashtag #youlie, which is a reference toRep. Joe Wilson’s comment from a 2009 Obama speech to a joint session of Congress when the congressman called out, “You lie.” 

The reason? According to Stockman’s office: “Debunking myths and fact-checking the president live and in real time.”

As for Nugent, his website has a blurb announcing that he’ll attend the speech, appearing next to a photo of the rocker, guitar strap over his shoulder and saluting.


Updated: February 11, 2013 | 6:52 p.m. 
February 11, 2013 | 6:12 p.m.





9 thoughts on “Ted Nugent, The NRA & The GOP: An American Embarrassment

  1. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Good informative post. Although I would rather crawl thru Hades when the flames are their highest, wearing gas soaked boxer briefs, than look at or listen to jackshitforbrains Ted Nugent.

    1. Ted Nugent is the popular voice of the #NRA and all their ugly, arrogant, hate filled rhetoric is what Nugent articulates. When they say they love the USA and its Constitution, their behavior eerily resembles wiping their asses on the same American Constitution.

  2. I’m really fed up with the likes of Ted Nugent. The same “Cat Scratch Fever” that influenced this fool to not wash his ass for weeks in order to not get drafted=is still scrambling his skittle sized brain. I thought this loser was supposed to be either dead or in jail by now?

    1. Ted Nugent is disgusting dirtbag who didn’t have the balls to go fight in VIetnam like other Americans and now he has the balls to preach Guns & Death in the USA. When he insults President Barack Obama he is making terroristic threats and he should be treated as such. He has absolutely no class.

  3. I saw this representative called the Nuge “articulate”… lol! Really?

    “According to Stockman’s office: “Debunking myths and fact-checking the president live and in real time.””

    Gotta ask, when has fact-checking ever been a tool for the GOP? They might be better served LISTENING to the speech first, THINKING about what is said THEN provide a thoughtful response based on, yes, facts and substantive ideas.

    Oh wait, we’re talking about the current republican party and tea party aren’t we? Nevermind…

    1. Nuge, The GOP & The NRA are the most ignorant, dishonest, retrograde excuses for human beings. The idea that Nuge could fact check anything President Obama has to say is ridiculous beyond belief. They deal with crap, lies, slander and every kind of dishonesty possible. Ted Nugent needs to have the 2nd Amendment ripped to shreds and shoved up his butt so when he coughs he blows confetti out of his trap. America deserves Gun Control to insure that the protection promised in the Constitution is offered to every American. If the NRA thinks that having guns will allow them to defend themselves from the goverment, they are living in the wrong country. The 2nd Amendment needs to be repealed. It is obsolete, it has been distorted out of every original intention and it detracts from the beauty of America instead of adding to it, like our whole Constitution was designed to do.

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