Orrin Hatch Is Senile: Gun Background Checks Could Destroy Liberty, Cause Persecution

Orrin Hatch Guns

Background Checks are bad. Mass Shootings are OK. Orrin Hatch is senile and needs to retire.

WASHINGTON — Pursuing even the most popular of measures to curb gun violence would be a step toward destroying Americans’ liberty, Sen. Orrin Hatch argued Thursday.

According to a string of polls, most gun owners favor the idea of universalbackground checks for gun purchases, and such a system was considered the most likely response to the horrifying rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

But for Hatch (R-Utah), even that is a move toward tyranny.

“That’s the way reductions in liberty occur,” Hatch told reporters outside the Senate chamber. “When you start saying people all have to sign up for something, and they have a database where they know exactly who’s who, and where government can persecute people because of the database, that alarms a lot of people in our country, and it flies in the face of liberty.”

Hatch argued that the current system of background checks — which excludes some 40 percent of gun transactions — should be refined before Congress expands that system.

“We do have a check system, and it has worked whenever they really implement it,” Hatch said. “I hesitate to go beyond that. Let’s implement what we already have.”

Hatch also said he didn’t think a new assault weapons ban would pass the Senate, much less the GOP-controlled House, and he bridled at another popular idea to ban the sorts of high-capacity ammunition magazines that have been used in recent mass shootings.

“Most killings are not done with high-capacity — so-called — rifles,” Hatch said. “This is an express provision in the Constitution, unlike the penumbras and other conjured-up provisions that aren’t there that the court has come up with over the years. This is express, and many people are very, very concerned about any infringement on it, and I’m one of them.

“It’s easy to blow these things out of proportion,” he added, saying he was “concerned as anybody” about mass shootings such as the attacks Sandy Hook, Conn., and Aurora, Colo. “But it’s also not easy to stand up for the liberty rights of people that really are the basis for the Second Amendment to begin with.”

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2 thoughts on “Orrin Hatch Is Senile: Gun Background Checks Could Destroy Liberty, Cause Persecution

  1. Gun Control Now USA

    This Blog Supports Gun Control & Registration In The USA. The American Constitution Is A Secular Document . The Rights & Responsibilities Installed In The Constitution Are Secular & Adaptable To American Society As Needed. That is Why Women Vote, The Voting Age Is 18, And Slavery Was Outlawed By The Thirtheenth Amendment. It Is Now Time To Abolish The Second Amendment. Comments Are Moderated Accordingly.


    1. The very least that needs to be done is Gun Registration and Gun Control. All information on guns should be registered and accessible at all times. Guns should be regulated, registered, taxed and confiscated if they are used for any unauthorized activities. I don’t see why guns need to have a lower level bureaucratic control than your Social Security Number, you car registration and insurance, your driver license and tax records or even buying a pack of cigarettes. I fully support and encourage any activities or initiatives that make gun ownership, possession or use more difficult to reach and maintain. The gun violence problem in the USA is a disgrace and until the complete country gets behind these initiatives it will just get worse and we’ll have to continue to listen to the NRA explain what a blessing it is to have so many guns in the USA.

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